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Sales Courses

  • 26 Classes

This training is important for those who wish to become a sales expert, including those who wish to make a long term career as a Sales Specialist. You will learn everything you need to..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • Door to Door Sales Technique
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Managing Customers
  • Communication Skills
  • Closing the Sales
  • Retail Sales

  • 14 Classes

How to identify and overcome manipulations, build confidence for better negotiation results. This course includes 21 real examples, strategies and concepts that can help you become a be..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • Background about Negotiation
  • Negotiations strategies and approaches
  • Manipulation Techniques and Principles
  • Nature of Manipulations
  • Soft and Hard Manipulations
  • Manipulating speech tricks
  • 21 Examples of manipulative tricks from real businesses

  • 13 Classes

The first fundamental skill every sales leader must learn to master how to manage a sales team and communicate effectively. Without this skill, every sales leader is likely to fail. Thi..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • Motivating a Team
  • Leadership is Sales Team Management
  • Communication in Sales Team Management
  • Coaching the team for performance
  • Accounts management and effective forecasting
  • Manage the metrics

  • 11 Classes

Sales Promotion activities are meant to communicate and persuade the target market to buy the company’s products. The processes of ensuring effective Sales Promotion management requires..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • Principles of Sales Promotion Management
  • Elements of Sales Promotions Management
  • Role of Product in Sales Promotion Management
  • Steps in Sales Promotion Planning
  • Principles of Sales Promotion Management
  • ‘5Ws’ of Sales Promotion Events
  • Tools of Sales Promotion Management
  • Methods for Evaluation of Sales Promotion