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Accounting & Finance

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Accounting & Finance Courses

  • 105 Classes

This online course is a comprehensive finance training ideal for managers and aspiring managers. It will open up the logic behind the need for effective financial management for organiz..

  • 2000
What you will learn
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Statements
  • Decision Making
  • Financial Ratios
  • Working Capital Management
  • And many more

  • 140 Classes

Welcome to Fundamentals of Accounting - A Complete Study Course! This is one of the comprehensive course in Fundamentals of Accounting covering theory as well as practice. In this cours..

  • 2000
What you will learn
  • Understand Book Keeping, Objectives and Advantages
  • Understand need and importance of Accounting
  • Understand Accounting Process, Accounting Cycle
  • Understand Users of Accounting Information
  • Understand Branches of Accounting
  • Understand Basic Accounting Terms
  • Understand Accounting Assumptions, Concepts and Principles
  • Understand Rules of Accounting

  • 28 Classes

This course is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning more about International Finance and the related Forex Transactions.

  • 2000
What you will learn
  • Finance Management
  • International Finance
  • Bid and Ask Rates
  • Capital Management and more

  • 63 Classes

In this ‘Top Cryptocurrency Trading Course’ you will be thoroughly taught by our experienced instructors at the CryptoAltum Academy, an European company. This course is NOT like any..

  • 2000
What you will learn
  • Learn the very techniques on crypto trading online and how it really works.
  • How to practically apply techniques and tools to generate a consistent passive income by trading cryptocurrencies online...
  • Understand market analysis effectively in order to predict future prices of any cryptocurrency pair.
  • Be guided on how to choose the right broker or the right coin to ascertain the security of your funds.
  • Gain the essential and up-to-date tricks and tips in becoming a successful crypto trader online.
  • Adopt a crypto investor mindset to secure your future income stream.
  • Enhance your knowledge in choosing a state-of-the-art crypto platform with excellent trading conditions.
  • Explore and pick the right strategies for you in crypto trading.