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Manipulative tactics in Sales Negotiations: Masterclass

How to identify and overcome manipulations, build confidence for better negotiation results. This course includes 21 real examples, strategies and concepts that can help you become a better negotiator and avoid being manipulated in the process of sales negotiation.

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  • 2 Hours Video Class
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What you will learn

  • Background about Negotiation
  • Negotiations strategies and approaches
  • Manipulation Techniques and Principles
  • Nature of Manipulations
  • Soft and Hard Manipulations
  • Manipulating speech tricks
  • 21 Examples of manipulative tricks from real businesses


  • This course is suitable for: Professional Negotiators Anyone who faces negotiations and manipulations in their daily life Sales professionals


This course is all about the Manipulations used during Negotiations. This course is designed specifically for Sales professionals. But the tactics, examples and principles from this course will be useful for anyone, as we all are facing Manipulations in our everyday life.

This course is for you if you want to:

•Learn about the dirty negotiation tricks that can be used against you

•Get the tools to reveal and overcome manipulations

•Analyze 21 real-life manipulation examples from real business situations

•Build confidence in order to achieve better negotiation results.

This course was prepared based on my own experience and the best practices I have used by myself. Also, this course contains some theoretical knowledge and practical tools that are used by world-class companies and Sales professionals. The material is easy to follow and understand, well-structured and presented in a simple and straightforward way. And what is very important – you can start using the tools and the logic just after finishing the course. The course will show you how to reveal and overcome manipulations, build confidence for better negotiation results. Includes 21 real examples I hope that you will not start manipulating others after this course. Use this training for good! And good luck with your negotiations!

Disclaimer: This online course is expected to help you become a better sales negotiator and avoid manipulative sales tactics being used on you during negotiations, and not for you to become a manipulative negotiator. We are not responsible for the misuse of the skills acquired in this course. 

Course Content

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Introduction and Course Overview
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When negotiation occurs
Negotiations strategies and approaches
Nature of Manipulations
Manipulator's Roles
Soft and Hard Manipulations
Manipulation principles
Manipulating speech tricks