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Strategic Cost Management for Procurement and Supply Chain

This course was prepared based on my own experience and the best practices I have used by myself. Also, this course contains some theoretical knowledge and practical tools that are used by world-class companies and supply chain managers. Lastly, you will learn how to secure long term Procurement savings without breaking relations with your suppliers

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What you will learn

  • How to work with cost management
  • How to develop the systems for working with the prices, price development
  • How to react on increasing price pressure
  • How to turn your suppliers into the partners, who would help you to reach the price development goals
  • And most important – how to develop the strategic approach to Cost management in your organization AND how to sustain it...


  • - You need at least some understanding of Procurement and Supply Chain - The course will make a much bigger effect on you, who already have some experience in Procurement and Supply Chain. You will recognize many of your tough situations and challenges that you are facing every day at your work


This course was prepared based on my own experience and the best practices I have used by myself. Also, this course contains some theoretical knowledge and practical tools that are used by world-class companies and supply chain managers. It is a highly valuable course that deals with the core strategies for cost management in Procurement and Supply Chain.

The material is easy to follow and understand, well-structured and presented in a simple and straightforward way. And what is very important – you can start using the tools and the logic of Strategic Cost Management already after finishing the course.

I am proud of the materials collected in this course. And I am sure that you will bring your Procurement and Supply Chain work to a completely new level!

P.S. As a bonus - I have decided to share my e-books on Procurement. Some useful and fun read for you, some motivation and inspiration.

See below for the complete course content. 

Course Content

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Course Overview
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Procurement's Role in the Company
Leverage Effect of Procurement
Pressure for Price Reduction
Low Price Illusions
Perception of Price from Different Vendors
Preparing to Price Negotiations
Price Development Approach Depending on Suppliers’ Classification
Cost Analysis of the Product
Cost Based Pricing
Economies of Scale
Long Term Contracts and Frame Agreements
Cost Sharing Agreements
Downloadable Materials

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

I spent 15 years actively contributing to Procurement development of medium-size companies and large international corporations in Manufacturing and Retail, being a sourcing responsible for 800'000'000 Euro business. Was working with Retail and Manufacturing companies in Europe, Asia and North America.

I truly believe in power of Procurement organization for the success of the entire company, and I want to spread my knowledge and experience to all over the world. That is why I developed a Future Procurement development program. Probably the best program in the world for Procurement professionals!

I want to share my knowledge and engage as many people as possible around idea of improving the existing practices in our business, bringing our profession to a completely new level.  My mission is: “To improve the world by Future Procurement organizations”.