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Starting a Career in the Workplace: Foundation Guide

This training contains the key elements you need in order to start a career in the workplace as a fresh graduate. This online course is essentially ideal for fresh graduates with at least 0 - 3 years of work experience, and willing to make a professional career in corporate organisations.

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What you will learn

  • Time management
  • Conflict Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Personal Grooming and Branding
  • Team Working
  • Health and Safety Tips
  • Emotional Intelligence


  • To take this course, you need to have completed at least OND, HND or a Bachelor's degree programme. You can be doing your NYSC, or recently completed with 0 - 3 years of work experience.


This training contains the key elements you need in order to start a career in a workplace as a fresh graduate. This online course is essentially ideal for fresh graduates with at least 0 - 3 years of work experience, and willing to make a professional career in corporate organisations.

Starting a career in a professional workplace can be quite tasking and completely strange if you have no prior knowledge or expectations. This course on fresh graduate starter pack is what you need to get you going.

To become a successful career professional requires beyond making good grades while in school, or having good knowledge of the subject matter.  You will also require to learn how to co-exist at the workplace, work with a team with a diverse background, learn to manage multi-tasks, be a good team leader is required, and more.


The course contains over 25 sections which make up over 4 hours highly of illustrative and detailed training and guide for Fresh graduates. Topics ranging from Time management, Workplace conflict management, Dealing with Stress at workplace, Problem Solving, Cultural Awareness, Personal Grooming and Branding, Taking Initiative, Team working and bonding,  Dealing with change, Resilience at the workplace, Health and Safety basics, Influencing Skills, Being production at the workplace, Workplace Attitude, Emotional Intelligence, Delegating Responsibility, Being a New Leader at the workplace, managing sexual harassment at workplace, and lots more were detailed in this training! Over 4 hours plus hands-on training on workplace secrets and techniques for a successful career, plus a Certificate of Training Completion. You'll learn how to manage some of the very likely challenges you will face at the workplace. In most big organization, you are supposed to go through this training and orientation before starting your job, however, not all organizations can afford to train their new staffs on this. Taking this train helps to lessen the burden from your employers and can also increase your job search prospection.


You can take this online course from any location in the country using your smartphone, tablet or PC. Section 1 of this course is open and accessible for free. It will give you an insight of the amazing package of this course. You can login to take the first free section of this course for free to see what it looks like. Who is this course ideal for? This course is ideal for fresh graduates and young professionals with 0 - 5 years of working experience, and interested in making an excellent professional career. It is ideal and highly recommended for Fresh Graduates, Intermediate Professionals with not more than 5 years of Work experience. Also, this course will increase your chances of landing on your dream job, as having good knowledge on how to start a career at the workplace ease the stress from some employers who can not afford to train their trainees on this, therefore, it shows your readiness to take on the new job! 

Upon completing this course, you will get DoviLearn Certificate of Training Completion on Fresh Graduate Starter Pack (Starting a Career in the Workplace) which is downloadable at no additional charges. You can include this in your CV and reference to prospective employers, including your current employer.

Course Content

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Handling conflict at Workplace

In this 10 minute video version, we explain the importance of delivering excellent customer service. There are a number of things every person in the organisation can do to provide great service. It is not just the responsibility of the customer service team or receptionist. every one in the business should be looking to provide great service to all customers - external and internal. There is a workbook for this video module.

preview 10min
Giving instructions in the Workplace

This video explains how to give effective instructions in the workplace. This is ideal for leaders, supervisors and managers who need to give instructions. It covers basic techniques and things to avoid.

Effective Time Management

This video deals with various aspects of time management including organising tasks, email management and ways to reduce time wastage and interruptions.

Dealing with Workplace Stress

This 10 minute video covers various aspects of managing stress including the body's stress response, good and bad stressors, ways to manage stress and the flight or fight response.

Being Resilient
Problem Solving

In this video, you will learn some basics around problem solving techniques. We examine problem solving theory, types of problems and steps you can follow to look at solving problems.

Cultural Awareness at Workplace
Personal Grooming
Personal Branding
Influencing Skills
Attitude at Workplace
Taking Initiative
Being a New Leader
preview 10min
Learning and Delivery Styles
Coaching for Change Part 1
Coaching for Change Part 2
Managing Difficult Trainees
Dealing with Change
Thinking on your Feet

10 minute video on how to think on your feet. It provides several concepts on helping to develop this skill and ways to combat uncertainty.

Being Productive
Being Part of a Team

This video shares ideas on how you can contribute to a team more effectively. You will learn about different roles and tasks associated with teams. We will look at feedback, contributions and working cooperatively.

Keeping your Customers Informed
Discretionary Efforts
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Clients and Colleagues
Sexual Harassment at Workplace

In this video, you will learn about the difference between non-sexual harassment and sexual harassment at work. You will understand what sexual harassment is, how to avoid doing it accidentally and what to do if you are a victim.