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Capital Allocation & Budgeting: Advanced MasterClass

This online course deals extensively with capital allocation and budgeting in finance. It covers the core techniques for business owners and business leaders in tackling financial resource allocations, and budgeting techniques. This course is highly suitable for business owners (small, medium or large scale business).

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What you will learn

  • Financial projections
  • Capital Budget Preparations
  • Communicating budget decisions
  • Financing Investment decisions
  • Capital Allocation
  • Financial sources
  • Investment Capital
  • Cash raised from financing
  • Dividend and repurchasing
  • Capital Allocation


  • This course is highly suitable for financial managers, CFOs, business owners (small, medium or large scale business).


In this course we are going to tackle capital allocation, that is, how the CEO, and you as CFO and their strategic partner, go about deploying cash inside the business. CEO’s are ultimately measured on their record of generating returns for their shareholders. The single most important determinant of shareholder returns is capital allocation. Knowing what tools you have available and when to use them is the key. We’ll look how and when you source cash. We’ll also look at the strategies behind selecting the most optimal use of that cash, which may include buying back shares in yourself.


In addition, this course is also going to establish a capital budgeting process from conducting due diligence through to communicating and facilitating discussions of capital investment opportunities with decision-makers. Capital budgeting is a key strategic process that ensures capital is deployed to only those opportunities that have a high probability of meeting or exceeding the expectations for return. It is also a process that ensures that scarce capital resources are deployed to the highest yield opportunities across the organization. We will walk through how to develop assumptions, prepare the capital budgeting analysis, and quantify risk using tornado charts and monte-carlo simulation analysis. We will also discuss the financing implications of capital investment opportunities by looking at lease versus buy analysis, a related but often confused part of capital budgeting.


Course Content

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Capital Budgeting: Introduction
preview 7min
Develop Robust Budgeting Assumptions that Address Future Uncertainty
What is the Right Discount Rate to Use in Capital Budgeting?
Capital Budget Preparation Walkthrough
Communicating and Facilitating a Capital Budget decision
Financing Investment Decisions - Lease vs Buy Analysis
preview 2min
Capital Allocation: Introduction
What is capital allocation and how can I evaluate it?
Operating sources of cash and measuring cash available for allocation
Thinking about the investment of capital
Thinking about cash raised from financing
Thinking about dividend and stock repurchases