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Customer Service Specialist Training: Masterclass

Learn everything you need to become an expert on Customer and Client Services. You will also get a Certificate of Training Completion after taking this online course.

  • 3000
  • 25000
  • Course Includes
  • 1-Year Access
  • 4 Hours Video Class
  • Free Certificate of Completion

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What you will learn

  • Managing Customers
  • Communication Skills
  • Telephone Skills
  • Questioning Skills
  • Feedback Management
  • Email Etiquette and Many more


  • No special skill is required for this online course. Good knowledge of English Language is required.


Customer Service is an integral element of any organisation. It is vital that your front line staffs are trained in effective customer service techniques. Customer service techniques are vital for customer retention, sales, brand protection and efficient organization's success. Learn everything you need to become an expert on Customer and Client Services. You will also get a Certificate of Training Completion after taking this online course.


The course contains over 25 sections which makes up over 4 hours of highly illustrative, well detailed training guide for Customer Service Excellence. Topics ranging from Customer Service Excellence, Managing Customers, Managing Customer Needs, Communication Skills, Impression Management, Attitude Management, Telephone Skills, Questioning Skills, Assertiveness, Listening Skills, Email Etiquette, Feedback Management, Service Requests and so much more were all duly discussed and detailed in the course. The course videos contains over 4 hours plus hands-on training on Customer Service secrets and techniques.


You'll learn how to manage large and diverse customers, how to work in a challenging and multi-customer tasking work place.  Upon completing this online training, you will stand out as an exceptional Customer Service Expert among others. You can take this online course from any location in the country using your smartphone, tablet or PC. Section 1 of this course is open and accessible for free. It will give you an insight of the amazing package of this course. You can login to take the first free section of this course for free to see what it looks like.


Who is this course ideal for?

This course is ideal for professionals interested in making a career in the field of Customer Service. It is ideal and highly recommended for Fresh Graduates, Intermediate Professionals, and advanced professionals interested in customer service success. Also, this course will increase your chances of landing on your dream job on Customer Services, including in other major career fields as having skills on Customer Service Excellence makes you stand out.

Course Content

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Customer Service Excellence
In this 10 minute video version, we explain the importance of delivering excellent customer service. There are a number of things every person in the organisation can do to provide great service. It is not just the responsibility of the customer service team or receptionist. every one in the business should be looking to provide great service to all customers - external and internal. There is a workbook for this video module.
preview 10min
Customer Service - ADVANCED
Difficult Customer Types
Managing Difficult Customers
Managing Difficult Customers - ADVANCED
Managing Abusive Customers
Showing Empathy
Managing Customer Needs
Positive First Impressions
Communication Skills
This 10 minute video explains about communication, tone, modulation and body language.
Managing Difficult Conversations
Call Control
Attitude of a Good Customer Service Agent
Fix the Customer First
Answering Telephone
Questioning Skill
Being Assertive

In this 10 minute video we explain what assertiveness is and how you an be more assertive. You will learn about the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive behaviour and how to apply the principles in your role.

Award Winning Telephone Techniques (Part 1)
Award Winning Telephone Techniques (Part 2)
Listening Skills
Award Winning Emails
Giving & Receiving Feedback
Keeping your Customers Informed
Service Requests