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Project Management Skills: Introductory Foundation

Gain valuable project management skills with courses on the latest project management methodologies from authors with real-world experience. Take this course regardless of your area of profession or level of experience. Every professional or aspiring professional will definitely sometime come across projects which require effective management.

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What you will learn

  • Basics of project management skills
  • Components of a Project Plan
  • Project-Managers Role in Change Management
  • Basic Phases of a Project and their Purposes
  • Role of Project Manager
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Project Management Techniques
  • Tips for Managing Project Stakeholders
  • Role of Team Management during a Project
  • Behavioural Models for Project Managers
  • Project Management Activities
  • Soft Skills for the Project Manager
  • Role of Communications during Project Planning
  • Components of a Project Plan


  • A good laptop, smartphone or a personal computer with internet connection and basic understanding of English language.


The process of planning, organizing and managing resources to achieve the organizational objective is called project management.  Project management is very important in production of goods and services. Idea generation to final production of product or service, each step can be categorized as individual projects.  Any project requires a project manager, who leads the project to its logical conclusion. A project manager is responsible for appointing team members with different background but essential in the completion of the project. A project in any organization is collaboration across departments to achieve a single well-defined objective.


Whether you are a project manager or not, add project management skills to your repertoire, or level them up by exploring the project management courses and paths below. Some of the modules you will learn in this powerful online course include -What Project Management is, Characteristics of a Project, Basic-Phases of a Project and their Purposes, Project Life Cycle, Project Management Techniques, Project Management Activities, Tips for Managing Project Stakeholders, Role of Project Manager, Role of Team Management during a Project, Behavioural Models for Project Managers, Soft Skills for the Project Manager, Components of a Project Plan, Project-Managers Role in Change Management, Role of Communications during Project Planning. 


Take this course regardless of your area of profession or level of experience. Every professional or aspiring professional will definitely someone come across projects which require effective management. This foundation course on Project Management Skills will equip you with all you need to get started in the adventure of effective and efficient project management. 


Upon completion of this online course, you will earn a Certificate of Completion.  Watch the into Vidoe above for free to begin. 

Course Content

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Understanding the importance of project management skills
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What is a project
What is project management
Characteristics of a project
Basic phases of a project and their purposes
Project life cycle
Various project management techniques
Various project management activities
Tips for managing stakeholders
Role of project manager
Role of team management during a project
Behavioural models for project managers
Essential soft skills for the project manager
Project managers role in change management
Role of Communication during Project Planning
Introduction Project Procurement Management
What is project procurement management?
How does procurement management work?
What are the process in project procurement management?
What is project procurement plan?
Tools and techniques in project procurement process
What is project expediting?

About the Instructor

About the Instructor

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