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Cloud Computing for Beginners: Database Technologies

Learn the Technology, Concept and Market Use Cases of Database Technologies and Database as a Service (DBaaS)

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  • 2.5 Hour Video Class
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What you will learn

  • DB, DBMS, Schema, ETL/ELT
  • Operational and Analytics Data
  • OLTP and OLAP
  • Data Warehouse\Lake
  • Batch and Stream Processing
  • SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL Technologies
  • In-memory and Time-series Technologies
  • NoSQL - Key-Value, Document, Wide column, Graph
  • Database as a Service (DBaaS)
  • DBaaS Portfolio Overview - Azure, AWS, GCP


  • Nothing specific prerequisite is needed to start the training program. Just bring a nice coffee (or tea) and a small piece of cake.


Data is like Energy!

As you probably know, data is everywhere. Data is the energy that drives many business companies and organizations worldwide. If data is like energy, we need a storing container and an engine to store and access this energy, the data. A storing container that will be flexible, fast, reliable, easy to manage, and cost-effective. Over the last couple of years, the application requirements to store and handle data changed dramatically. There are more data types to manage, higher volumes to operate, and a need to keep the data for a longer retention time.

Database Technologies and DBaaS

As you may guess, the container and the engine for running this energy, the data for the upper layer applications are all about databases. Selecting the right database technology for a specific use case can dramatically affect any aspect of an application. Modern applications are using a variety of database technologies optimized for different use cases. This training is about databases technologies and, even more specifically, how such technologies are offered as cloud database services (DBaaS) by leading public cloud providers – Azure, AWS, and GCP. We will learn the technical concept, market use cases, advantages, and disadvantages of each database technology while following its evolution path.

Are you ready to explore the world of Database Technologies?

Who this course is for:

⚫ Software Developers

⚫ IT Professionals

⚫ Solution Architects

⚫ Product/Project/Marketing Managers

⚫ Technical Advisors

Course Content

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Data is Everywhere
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Our Learning Objectives
DBMS, Database Instance and Schema
Operational Data and OLTP
Analytics Data and OLAP
Data Warehouse and Data Lake
Batch and Stream Processing
Scaling Up and Out