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Human Resources

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Human Resources Courses

  • 17 Classes

Take the online course if you wish to master the skills required for healthy recruitment practices in the workplace. It is ideal for practising HR professionals at any levels, includin..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Importance of Recruitment Skills
  • Recruitment Process
  • Recruitment Stages
  • HR Selection Process
  • Types of Interviews
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • 14 Classes

HR Consulting is the performance of HR-related tasks and services by outside parties, on a recurring basis that would otherwise be performed in-house in a company. HR Consulting is the..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • HR Practice for Internal Professional
  • HR Practice for External Consultant
  • HR Strategy
  • Best Human Resources practices and policies

  • 17 Classes

If you want to go into the HR profession or start climbing the ladder towards building a respected HR career, or develop the skills that you keep to thrive in your existing HR role, the..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Role of HRM in performance management
  • HRM in performance management
  • Hiring strategies followed by Organizations
  • Various retention strategies
  • Human resource planning
  • Management of contractors
  • Strategic human resource management
  • Global human resource management
  • Human resource information system
  • What it means to become an HR Manager and more

  • 31 Classes

Employee onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee into an organisation and its culture; this goes in hand with the process of setting a performance management system in p..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Tools for Gathering Performance Feedback
  • Employee Onboarding Strategy and Objectives
  • Checklist for Employee Onboarding
  • Turnover Employee Onboarding
  • Process Plan and Preparation
  • Types of Employee Onboarding
  • Employee On-boarding Engaging Program
  • Performance Management
  • Improving Employee Performance
  • Reasons of Poor Employee Performance
  • Considerations for Performance Objectives
  • How to Measure Employee Performance

  • 12 Classes

The term “compensation”, as a substitute word for wages and salaries, is of recent origin. Compensation management strives for internal and external equity. Internal equity requires tha..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Economic Theories and Compensation Management
  • Compensation Management and Job Design
  • Performance Related Compensation
  • Negotiation in Compensation
  • Attrition and Compensation Management
  • Executive Compensation
  • Sales Compensation Plan
  • Strategic Compensation Management
  • Quantitative Tools and Innovation in Compensation
  • International Compensation Management

  • 10 Classes

This online course deals specifically in Centralization and Decentralization in organisation structure, and the processes, techniques in ensuring an adequate structure, flow in Centrali..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • What Centralization is
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Delegation vs Decentralization
  • Advantages of Centralization
  • Determining Extent of Centralization
  • Types of Decentralization
  • Prerequisites of Decentralization
  • Marketing decision to decentralize

  • 17 Classes

The latest trend in the recruitment world is “E-Recruitment”, also called “Online Recruitment”. It refers to the use of technology or internet-based tools to support the recruitment pro..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • A blueprint for recruiting on the web
  • E-recruitment strategies
  • How to build a digital resume bank
  • Drive traffic to your jobs
  • Searching for passive candidates
  • How to find resumes on the web
  • How to find resumes on the deep web
  • Narrowcast to targeted candidates and more.

  • 16 Classes

You can keep your employees happy and know about them in several ways such as getting to know about their personal lives, learning about their individual professional weaknesses and str..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Employee Engagement
  • How to Know Your Employees
  • Benefits of Highly Engaged Employees
  • Methods of Engaging Existing Employees
  • How Managers can Drive Engagement
  • Mistakes Managers Make in Knowing Employees
  • Things that Employees Hide from Managers
  • What You Should Know About Your Employee
  • Role of Communication in Knowing Employee
  • Role of Leadership in Knowing Employees

  • 13 Classes

Succession Planning is a dynamic ongoing business process that brings together the execution of a strategic business plan with the identification, assessment, development and deployment..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Key Elements of Succession Planning
  • Core Principles of Succession Planning
  • Factors to be Considered in Succession Planning
  • Steps of Succession Planning
  • Challenges of Succession Planning
  • Evolution of Succession Planning
  • Parallel Approach to Succession Planning
  • Innovative Approaches to Succession Planning
  • Pitfalls of Succession Planning
  • Best Practices of Succession Planning and more.

  • 10 Classes

The Manpower Planning process applies management principles in procuring, developing, maintaining people in the organisation. This is essential in human resource planning to avoid servi..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Steps of Manpower Planning
  • Forecasting Techniques
  • Delphi techniques
  • Markov Model
  • Steps of Job Analysis
  • Process of Selection
  • Succession Management
  • HR Metrics