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Customer Service

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Customer Service Courses

  • 26 Classes

Learn everything you need to become an expert in Customer and Client Services. You will also get a Certificate of Training Completion after taking this online course.

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • Managing Customers
  • Communication Skills
  • Telephone Skills
  • Questioning Skills
  • Feedback Management
  • Email Etiquette and Many more

  • 16 Classes

Service Quality refers to a parameter that decides the superiority or inferiority of service, while Service recovery is an organisation's resolution of a problem from a dissatisfied cus..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • How to Measure Service Quality
  • Differentiate between Quality Improvement in Service Industry
  • How to Sustain Service Quality
  • Service Quality Management
  • Service Quality Management Process
  • Strategies for Service Recovery
  • Relation between Service Quality & Customers
  • Service Quality Parameters
  • PDSA Technique for Service Quality
  • Role of Managers in Service Quality Management

  • 16 Classes

Customer retention is a strategic process to retain existing customers. Returning customers are important for the continued existence of every business. Therefore, businesses must make..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • What is Customer Loyalty
  • What is Customer Retention
  • Drivers of Customer Loyalty
  • Various Customer Loyalty Breakers
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Attrition and Silent Attrition
  • Various Customer Retention Strategies
  • Methods and Tools for Customer Retention
  • Principles of Retention Management
  • How to Use Strategic CRM for Retention and more.