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Marketing Courses

  • 80 Classes

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy online course is one of the most robust training on Social Media you can find on the web. It focuses on Social Media marketing for organic growth. It..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Reddit marketing
  • Business branding
  • Customer engagement

  • 16 Classes

This course covers various topics on fitness training management, including the best practices, types of injuries, causes & prevention of injuries, types of equipment, fitness training..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • Introduction to Fitness Training
  • Why Fitness Training
  • Fitness Training Principles
  • Various Aspects of Fitness Training Management
  • Role of Personality for Fitness Trainers
  • Types of Injuries
  • Causes & Prevention of Injuries
  • Various Exercise Equipment

  • 13 Classes

Market Segment is the process of splitting customers, or potential customers, in a market into different groups, or segments. This is a technique in the marketing practice that helps th..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • How a market works and identify decision-makers
  • Preparing for market segmentation
  • Scope of Segmentation
  • Representative sample of different decision-makers
  • Accounting for the behavior of decision-makers
  • Forming market segmentation
  • Determining the attractiveness of market segments
  • Assessing company competitiveness and the portfolio matrix
  • Setting market objectives and strategies
  • Predicting market transformation and more.

  • 9 Classes

Business to business marketing has evolved into a mature marketing discipline, with a distinct identity, separate from consumer marketing. There are specific skills required, and techni..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • Business-to-Business marketing models
  • Making sense of customers and markets
  • Business-to-Business marketing specifics
  • Strategies Business-to-Business management
  • Marketing evaluation and control
  • Implementing a value-creating organization
  • Business-to-Business marketing - International

  • 16 Classes

Just like products, every service should also have a properly charted out marketing communication strategy. It is necessary for establishing and maintaining a service brand through a h..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • Relevance of Services Marketing Communications
  • Aspects of Marketing Mix in Communications
  • Positioning Process in Marketing Communications
  • Services Marketing Communications Strategy
  • ATL, BTL and TTL Communication Strategy
  • Various Media Options
  • Role of Media Reach for Marketing Communications
  • Segmentation in Marketing Communications
  • Role of Promotion in Marketing Communications
  • Ad Development Approaches for Services Marketing and more.