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Become a professional Amazon KDP/Kindle Publisher, and learn about all the steps involved

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What you will learn
  • Learn about how your Amazon Book Publishing skills can benefit you in the Freelance world and learn how to turn these sk...
  • Become an expert Kindle eBook and KDP Paperback formatter; learn all the tips and tricks involved in creating a modern K...
  • Learn everything about the Amazon KDP/Kindle requirements for both paperback and ebook and how to ensure books meet thes...
  • Learn how to properly format and prepare images in a book’s interior (quality DPI for print, bleed for children's book,...
  • Learn eBook character encoding, learn Indexing and how to embed all fonts in a document
  • Learn how to insert 'guide items' to an eBook to ensure easy navigation of your readers
  • How to optimize an eBook to ensure it works on all kinds of devices
  • For Authors, learn everything about self-publishing all book types on Amazon
  • Ability to utilize the available features in MS Word, Calibre, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop for every step involv...
  • Become a book formatting, layout, design, and typesetting expert for all book types
  • Learn how to create clickable websites and hyperlinks for an eBook