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Accounting Courses

  • 6 Classes

Learn basic bookkeeping skills including debits and credits, posting journal entries, and drafting financial statements. This course is for aspiring accountant or finance people who wan..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • Bookkeeping skills
  • Debits and Credits
  • Posting journal entries
  • Drafting financial statements and more

  • 137 Classes

Welcome to Fundamentals of Accounting - A Complete Study Course! This is one of the comprehensive course in Fundamentals of Accounting covering theory as well as practice. In this cours..

  • 3000
What you will learn
  • Understand Book Keeping, Objectives and Advantages
  • Understand need and importance of Accounting
  • Understand Accounting Process, Accounting Cycle
  • Understand Users of Accounting Information
  • Understand Branches of Accounting
  • Understand Basic Accounting Terms
  • Understand Accounting Assumptions, Concepts and Principles
  • Understand Rules of Accounting