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How are professionals acquiring skills to meet up to recruiter's demands?
12th February 2021 By DoviLearn

There are currently several thousands of online courses available on the web, these courses are offered by notable online course platforms across the globe like Coursera, Udemy, FutureLearn, LinkedIn Learning, EDX, DoviLearn, among others. It is important for aspiring professionals who desire to reach the pinnacle of their careers to equip themselves with the right skill-set they require in order to remain relevant and competitive in the corporate ecosystem.

Professionals who are already in these sectors and intend to remain relevant in the near future must start equipping themselves with these skills, including preparing for leadership in their careers. While it is good to have strong subject area know-how, however, it is not enough. Leadership skills are considered a key factor for consideration while recruiting any professional into management or supervisory positions, including positions where they have to work with other subordinates.  This is regardless of their technical skills, or subject area expertise.

Unfortunately, most recruiters have limited budgets to upskill their staffers and the newly recruited, hence they mostly recruit those who are already skilled in the recruitment subject area(s), including possession of sound management and leadership skills if they have to work in roles requiring leadership functionalities and abilities.  The big question is, how are professionals acquiring these skills?

Most professionals today upskill themselves through self-paced learning, this is coupled in some cases with advanced degree study. However, professional courses have become the top choice for most people who intend to upskill themselves in the most affordable way, which is mostly through online short course platforms. In this article, we are going to list some of the top courses most students enrolled in on DoviLearn to advance their leadership skills.

First, it is essential to note that, while it is ideal for candidates seeking online courses as a priority should consider subject areas that are related to their core careers, it is relatively pertinent to also consider other general interest areas that are important in making them good managers, leaders, supervisors and completely rounded in the career path they pursue. Let us examine some of the top online courses that can help you improve your skills, and this is not based on direct-career related courses, but general interest courses that are suitable for any professional, regardless of their specialisation, including helping them become good leaders.

Online Courses to Help you Improve Your General Skills and in Leadership

1.       Project Management. Every professional regardless of the area of specialisation should have a good project management skill. For instance, a graphic designer, despite the career not related to any core management profession, still need good project management skills. This will enable the graphic designer to be able to manage a large workload, arrange them in proper delivery timelines, and deliver the projects efficiently and effectively. Here is a short course on project management you should have a look at. This online course on project management will help you gain valuable project management skills with courses on the latest project management methodologies from authors with real-world experience. Take this course regardless of your area of profession or level of experience. Every professional or aspiring professional will definitely sometime come across projects which require effective and efficient management.

2.       Finance for Non-Financial Managers. As the course title says, ‘’ Non-Financial Managers’’, it is suitable for everyone who needs to be a good financial manager, as it enables them to become knowledgeable with the basics financial planning strategy and mechanisms. You will find this course interest in Finance for Non-Financial Managers. This online course is a comprehensive finance training ideal for managers and aspiring managers. It will open up the logic behind the need for effective financial management for organizational betterment. Every decision in an organization revolves around Finance, therefore, every manager or aspiring manager needs at least a basic understanding of finance.

3.       Leadership & Management Study. Whether you’re just starting or you have been leading or in management for a long time, leadership development skills are something that is beneficial to everyone. Ensure that you have the training and skills that you need to be able to lead your team through any situation. Every career-driven professional requires a leadership and management skill, hence the desire to rise to a leadership role in the future. Here is a course on Leadership and Management Study you will find interesting.


4.     Personal Branding MasterClass for Corporate Executives. This course is suitable for every corporate executive who is eager to build a good personal brand. Rising to the pinnacle of your career requires more than core knowledgeability of your expertise subject area. Building a good personal brand will help to project ‘’you’’ better as a quality brand that needs to be reckoned with, recommended, promoted, work with, and even more. If you build a good personal brand, in addition to the strong knowledge in your primary speciality, then your opportunities will be endless. Here is this interesting course on personal branding that can be of immense help to you.

5.       Health and Safety Management System for Professionals. As they say, health is wealth, and it is those who are fine in health that can work and become productive in their duties. We are adding this course because we believe that leadership and management is meant for those with sound health. This course is highly recommended for corporate professionals in the workplace. Ensuring high safety measures is the ultimate in every working environment to ensure fulfilling dreams of having sound health to achieve your career goals. Millions of people are faced with high environmental hazards daily, of which many of the people are not aware of. Here is a link to the Health and Safety course on DoviLearn, delivered based on NEBOSH standard guidelines.