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Top Online courses in Nigeria for E-learning and Online Classes
18th September 2020 By DoviLearn

We are going to look at some of the most popular online courses that Nigerians are taking online.  Please feel free to explore our list of top 10 Nigeria's online professional short courses which can also develop your skills.

1. Human Resource Management (HRM). From our experience and our record since 2015 we founded, HRM appear appears to be the top choice for many Nigeria professionals, and individuals seeking to acquire skills online. HRM recorded about 30% of all the enrolment for our online courses. Apart from that, it has been the most inquired course. 

2. Project Management. This appears to come on the second list of choice online courses for many Nigerians. From our student enrolment record, it recorded about 15% of the total student enrolment. This also included other related online courses to project management. 

3. Operations and Supply Chain Management. Surprisingly, many Nigerian professionals appear to be very interested in Operations and Supply Chain Management. The rate of student enrolment for this online course also sprung up during the Covid-19 pandemic. At it, this recorded about 10% of the total student enrolment for our online courses.

4. Marketing Courses. This includes marketing management and digital marketing courses. It is another popular online course for many Nigerians. The combination of our marketing management course and digital marketing courses, including social media marketing courses became a popular choice for many Nigerians. At a point, we published some of these online courses for free, and many Nigerian in their numbers enrolled for them. 

5. Customer Service Specialist Training. This is another popular online course for many Nigerian professionals. Although many of the professionals who enrolled for this online course appears to be early-stage professionals who are mostly within 1-4 years of their careers. However, this single course, despite always being a paid course still came in the top list with many other free online courses.

6. Sales Specialist. Considering that sales happen to be a very important role in every business to ensure its sustainability, it is not surprising that is made it to this list. Sales online course has been among our top 10 choices for many professionals who visited

7. Microsoft Office online courses. This includes all other Microsoft office training, such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. This is however not surprising as Msword is one of the most commonly used office tools. 

8. Graphic Designing. We published an online course on Graphic Designing with CorelDraw, and the number of enrolment recorded for this course within the period it was published still challenges with other paid and free courses up to this date. However, our graphic designing course was published for a limited time.

9. Photography Online Course. It was shocking to discover that this online course on Photography made it to this list. Many Nigerians appear to be interested in acquiring photography skill. When we sampled some of the students who enrolled in this free online course, we discovered that many of them were not professional photographers, but individuals interested in acquiring the skills. 

10. Leadership Study. This online course was also published for a limited them, but it made it to our list of top 10 online courses. Before you step out from here, why not check out our online courses yourself? Visit  to see some of the amazing course we have recently published.